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The Hillstone DC load bank range

offer solutions to meet the budget and technical requirements of all battery discharge testing and are offered from:
12V, 24V, 28V 48V, 60V, 120V, 240V, 440V, 650V, 1000V, & 1200V DC
with current ratings up to 4000A

HCWM280-840 is an automatic constant current controlled battery discharge testing loadbank with wireless battery monitoring and PC datalogging.
The wide voltage range covers from 12V to 280V DC and for discharge testing upto 120A as per the product datasheet.
The HCWM will work in parallel with other load banks to give a fully flexible solution to high current testing.
HBN loadbank range provide a low cost solution for manually controlled constant current - battery discharge testing, battery charger testing or single phase testing of UPS and low power generators.
All units are fully adjustable from approx 1A to max rating.
HBN load banks are naturally cooled portable load banks that requires no auxiliary mains supply and include ratings of 60V 600A and 130V and 350A
Dual Voltage ranges - HLB & HLD
The HLD dual voltage range is a compliment to the historical Hillstone HLB load banks.
HLD loadbanks provide half power at the half voltage tapping to an extended power rating of up to 115KW, from 30V to 520V.
The HLB types provide double the power at the half voltage tapping which creates extensive options for DC and single phase AC testing.
Rated up to 100kW with dual voltage settings of:
60V - 120V; 120V - 240V; 260V - 520V
Varicon DC load banks provides multi-voltage, automatic constant current control battery discharge testing. The HAV voltage range cover 12V to 650V DC, with current rating of 50A, 100A, 200A ,250A.
The Varicon load bank also provides the option of PC interface and data retrieval of discharge test results.
The operating manual for the Varicon load bank is available on the Varicon blog page

Application Notes

As part of the preventative maintance procedure of a standby power system the annual discharge test( in accordance to BS6290 part 4 / IEC TR 62060 ) of the battery is performed using a DC load bank to determine the capacity of the battery. For VRLA "maintenance free" sealed batteries the known capacity data is used to extrapolate the performance of the battery against the battery design life, thus allowing the budgeting and scheduling for the replacement of the battery.

The discharge test is also performed as part of the system commisioning, thus allowing verification that the battery has been manufactured, installed and charged correctly prior to hand over to the customer. The discharge data therefore gives the datum point for future maintenance.

It is widely accepted, from all knoweldgeable experts in the field of batteries & UPS systems, that discharge testing is the only approved method to determine the capacity of Lead acid and (Nickel Cadmium) Ni Cad/Ni Cd batteries. Hillstone have supplied advise and load banks for testing many of the worlds leading battery such as Enersys, Exide, C&D Technologies, Hawker, Yuasa, Exide, Hoppecke, Saft, Varta.

Hillstone and our partners can provide preventive maintenance programs for standby power systems.

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