AC Load Bank Range

  • 400kW - 500kW
  • 800kW - 1000kW
  • 1200kW - 1500kW

The Dual Operation Resistive HACA Range

Auto Load Regulation

Manual Load Control

The HACA load bank range are designed for fixed installations to provide resistive load testing of generators and UPS systems.

Rated for 400kW to 1500kW, 415V, 480V, 600V, 50Hz or 60hz.

Units incorporate vertical force cooling with high powered resistor elements controlled via Manual panel mounted switches or Automatic load regulation to prevent genset wet stacking.

Safety features include: HRC fuse protection, fan failure / phase reversal shut down, differential air pressure switches, over temperature alarms and emergency stop push button.

  • 3kW - 10kW
  • 20kW - 30kW

The Portable HACM Range

Single phase & 3 phase

The HACM portable load bank range are small, lightweight and low cost, allowing for testing of single & three phase UPS systems and small generators.

Rated for single phase 240V AC 10kW & 30kW, three phase 415V AC from 3kW to 30kW and also 3phase 220V 50/ 60Hz.

Units incorporate force cooled high powered, isolated resistor elements plus safety features including:

  • HRC fuse protection
  • Isolation contactors
  • Fan failure shut down
  • 3 metre cable sets with matching connectors

ime nemo digital power meter

The panel mounted digital power meter displays line volts, phase volts, line current, power and frequency.

  • 30kW
  • 100kW
  • 200kW
  • 300kW - 500kW

The Outdoor Resistive HAC Range

iHHC Hand Held Controller


The HAC series load banks are a compact low cost solution to on-site AC testing of UPS and generators.

Units incorporate force cooled high powered resistor elements plus features including twist lock safety cable connectors, HRC fuse protection, fan failure shut down and emergency stop push button.

Simple control via iHHC3 - Hand Held Controller giving 1kW load step resolution.

remote control

Load banks can also be supplied for both three phase and single phase testing, and with a digital power meter.

Hillstone design & manufacture an extensive range of load banks for AC - UPS & Genset testing.

From the UK factory & rental depot our global presence includes: Hillstone Middle East sales office in Dubai, UAE and sales partners across the world.

Additional partner representation in Europe, Middle East and the Far East providing a local presence in Holland, Qatar, India and Saudi Arabia.

Application Note 1

Regular load bank testing of generators provides an essential health check service to prevent diesel engine failure due to wet stacking.
Wet stacking occurs due to under loading of the genset which results in wet un-burned fuel building up in the engine.
This fuel build up will over time line the combustion chamber cylinders and cause a reduction of the engines rating and efficiency which will ultimately cause premature failure of the generator. Running the generator on load of 50% - 100% of the genset rating will allow the engine to reach the recommend operating temperature, which will burn off the choke deposits.

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